A multi-regional trainee-led audit in acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding (AUGIB)

Sponsored by GutsUK, this will be the largest trainee-led audit in upper GI bleeding to date, aiming to improve quality of care and patient outcomes. We will be joining forces with East Midlands trainees (GARNet) and North West (GasTRIN NoW) to make this a prospective multi-centre quality improvement project.


WMRIG and GARNet (East Midlands) have been jointly awarded £5000 of funding from CORE to support this project.


There is WM trainee representation in the steering committee of the BSG Endoscopy Quality Improvement Project (EQUIP) to develop an acute intervention bundle for AUGIB which can be implemented nationally (and beyond) to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.  Regional pre- and post-bundle audits will inform the effect of the future intervention (GIB6 bundle) on standards of care.

**The Time to Endoscopy paper has been drafted and submitted**

Chief Investigators: Keith Siau (West Midlands) / Richard Ingram (East Midlands)

A special thanks to the following who participated in Round 1: (*Principal Investigator). Please let me know if any have been unintentionally omitted.

Coventry: Monika Widlak*, Mike McFarlane, Ella Mozdiak, Ruhina Ahmed, James Morgan, Laura O’Flynn, Ilona Blee, Ben Disney

Wolverhampton: Graham Baker*, Raheel Anjum, Jeremy Reid, Rachel Molyneux, Matt Brookes

Worcester: Ben Hicken*, Syed Abbas, Ashok Kurian, Danny Cheung

Stoke: Faraz Tahir*, Abdullah Abbasi

Telford: Malik Magrabi*

Heartlands: Tom Troth*, HEFT team

Walsall: Khayal Asghar*, Adil Kareem, Zahra Brown, Asif Yasin, Ashish Awasthi

Dudley: Nouman Yousaf*, Fawad Khattak, S Ishaq

City: Matthew Harborne*, Josephine White, M Anderson

Sandwell: Sara Mahgoub*, Lance Alleyne

Warwick: B Polewickowska*, J Timothy, J Shearman

Good Hope: Tom Troth*, N Ali, M Ding

Hereford: Peter Rimmer*

Additional thanks to Dr Ashit Shah, GARNET and GasTRIN NoW teams, CORE and BSG for their support.

Designed and copyrighted by Dr Keith Siau. Last updated 11th June 2019.

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