West Midlands Multi-Centre Trainee-Led Audit in the Assessment, Management and Prophylaxis of Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis

CI: Keith Siau

A special thanks to the following who participated in Round 1: (*Principal Investigator)

UHB: Adam McCulloch*, Neeraj Bhala

Worcester: Ben Hicken*, Imran Tahir

Coventry: Monika Widlak*, Mike McFarlane, Ella Mozdiak, Laura O'Flynn, Ben Disney

Warwick: Beata Polewiczowska* 

Dudley: Tom Troth*

HEFT: Zaira Rehman*, Amit Thakor

Walsall: Matt Harborne*, Tarun Gupta

Hereford: Ben Hicken* 

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