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Projects should be discussed and peer-reviewed by fellow trainees and the WMRIG committee. Ideas should be:


  • Ideally locally validated (with established results)

  • Protocolised with self-explanatory methodology notes and data capture templates - for regional audit

WMRIG Support

  • Please note - not all projects require dissemination on a regional scale.  Even small scale multi-centre audits (involving 3 sites or more) may be eligible for WMRIG support, including:

    • Robust peer review from trainees and mentors

    • Addition to the WMRIG agenda to disseminate results to regional trainees 

    • Statistical and informatics advice/support

    • Updates on WMRIG website ​



Research published will be cited under the the lead author's name and the WMRIG collaborative (with participants' names listed below this).  All data should be presented and registered locally.