• To develop a regional collaborative research network for the West Midlands led by gastroenterology and hepatology trainees.

  • To deliver high-quality, high-impact audits and research for quality assurance and quality improvement.

  • To ultimately improve the care provided to our patients.

  • To emulate the success from our surgical counterparts.

  • To drive quality improvement strategies which will lead to sustained high quality patient care.



Establishing a regional SpR-led research collaborative brings a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Allowing trainees to voice ideas to turn single-centre data into multi-centre collaborative data

  • Pooling of data between sites to increase study size and significance of results.

  • Improving efficiency of research by reducing replication of work, e.g. project planning, protocols, pro formas, etc.

  • Standardisation of recommendations and practice region-wide.

  • Enhancing the power and impact of project outcomes and recommendations, thereby increasing publication value.

  • Promoting engagement in research and making a real difference.

  • Statistician access for enhanced site-specific and combined outputs.

  • Allowing trainees to voice their idea, have this peer-reviewed by fellow trainees, and potentially lead on projects and write-ups.

  • ...and so much more!


Our intended audience includes, but are not limited to:

  • Gastroenterology and hepatology SpR's

  • Foundation and core trainees

  • Medical students

  • Specialist nurses

  • Research nurses

  • Cross-specialty involvement


March 2015



3 monthly (after Gastro Training Days)



WMRIG Steering Committee



Monika Widlak

Keith Siau


Keith Siau


Amrit Dhaliwal

West Mids Clinical Research Network Rep:

Mike McFarlane

Social Media secretary:

Nabil Quraishi

Future Positions (TBC)

ST3/4 Rep​resentative

General Secretary

Nutrition Section lead

Endoscopy Section lead

Gastro Section lead

IBD Section lead

Hepatology Section lead

Patient Representative


Ashit Shah (Wolverhampton)

Tariq Iqbal (UHB)

Neeraj Bhala (UHB)

Matthew Brookes (Wolverhampton)

Nav Sharma (HEFT)

Sauid Ishaq (RHH)

WMRIG Trainees


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